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Our Sorrowful Mother's Ministry
Betania XVI Community 
Private Diocesan Association of the Christian Faithful
Diocese of Springfield in Illinois
Vandalia, Illinois

Whenever you shop online, use and designate Our Sorrowful Mother's Ministry as your designated charity. A portion of all sales will be donated to OSMM.

It's a great way to donate and support Our Lady's Ministry.

Our deepest thanks to all who support OSMM.


Whenever you shop online, use or to search for your favorite items. Hundreds of coupons and discounts available.
Choose Our Sorrowful Mother's Ministry as your designated charity and a donation will be made to OSMM.

 Join our Rosary Crusade by praying the rosary daily in support of persecuted Christians throughout the world.

Annual Giving Campaign

Our End of Year Campaign has begun.

Have you been helped spiritually, emotionally or physically by OSMM?

This is a great chance to give back and help us continue.

Come join us.

 Our Goal $75,000

Current level of donations $23,280

We thank all our donors for their generosity.


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The Heart of the Father: Last Conference For This Year.

December 5-6, 2014 (2 day conference) - Our last retreat for 2014. Fr. Philip Scott who has dedicated his ministry to the healing of families fills people with his empowering wisdom. Don't miss this chance to bring healing and reconciliation to your family.